Seagate halts production of its flagship Barracuda Pro hard drives

  • September 23, 2021

Seagate, a well-known manufacturer of storage media, will make significant changes to its hard drive offerings. The company is dropping its Barracuda Pro family of models designed for high-performance computers and workstations, offering capacities up to 18TB.

In the face of the increasing dominance of SSDs, the hard drive segment is undergoing significant change. Seagate is also responding – the company just announced it is discontinuing models from its Barracuda Pro family.

These drives are used primarily in computers for professional applications as well as workstations. These 3.5-inch drives used a traditional magnetic data recording method, and the space offered by individual models was up to 18TB.

Since that product line was dropped, those looking for very large hard drives can now only choose from the IronWolf and IronWolf Pro series, which can hold up to the aforementioned 18TB. Seagate, however, assures that successors to the Barracuda Pro line are on the way, although it’s not yet known which media will go on sale.

For now, however, nothing has changed in the basic line of Barracuda consumer-oriented drives – the series, which offers hard drives up to 8TB in capacity, will still remain on sale.