Musk showed a humanoid robot


The Tesla Bot is a humanoid robot that the popular electric car manufacturer is working on. Information about it was confirmed by Elon Musk. The robot uses artificial intelligence.

During AI Day, Elon Musk said that his company is working on a humanoid robot. The machine is called the Tesla Bot and is based on an artificial intelligence system. It looks a bit like what the autopilot used in popular brand cars offers.

From the information provided by Elon Musk, it appears that the Tesla Bot will be a safe robot. It should move relatively slowly, and in case of problems it will be easy to “disable” it. The robot will be able to perform simple actions.

Tesla already has some vision related to the appearance and construction of its bot. The robot will be less than 1.8 m tall and should weigh almost 57 kg. This will be possible due to the use of lightweight materials for the body. In addition, there will be a display at the top instead of the head, showing various information.

Tesla Bot will be able to reach speeds of up to 8 km/h. Moreover, it will be able to lift objects weighing about 20 kg. The prototype of the robot should be ready next year, and we know that its code name is Optimus.