Razer unveiled a robot that cleans the oceans


Razer has unveiled a robot that’s a bit of a stickler for the environment, and after the reusable Razer Zephyr protective mask, it’s time for a solution to clean up the oceans.

Razer has just announced a partnership with Clearbot, a company that makes autonomous garbage collection boats that float in the oceans. There’s no denying that the protective mask was a big surprise, and here we’re dealing with something even weirder (at least for a gaming equipment manufacturer).

And as is now becoming clear, Razer decided to join forces with Clearbot and take care of clean water.

As for the robots themselves, they are small solar-powered self-navigating boats that detect trash from a distance of two meters, made possible by onboard cameras and artificial intelligence systems, pick it up and take it to shore. And what does Razer add from itself? The company is responsible for the design of the new version, which is now not only functional, but also has an attractive futuristic style, which makes it easier to sell these units on the market.

Currently, the robots resemble small catamarans covered in black paint, with a distinctive green company logo and … the corresponding backlighting! In the new version, the robot’s cameras can also detect different types of trash, and the GPS module provides information about their location for research purposes – allowing scientists and the local government to know where and what kind of trash is accumulating to solve the problem.