Intel Xe-HPG – graphics cards with DG2 GPU will appear at CES 2022


Intel Xe-HPGs are graphics cards that have been in development for a long time. They will receive the DG2 author’s graphics processors. Unfortunately, the launch of the devices will not take place this year. New information indicates that they are scheduled to debut at CES 2022, which will take place in January.

Intel is planning to enter the graphics card market, as we know by now. The company has confirmed such plans more than once before. Now we learn that the first XE-HPG models equipped with the DG2 GPU will not be shown this year.

Fresh rumors in this thread suggest that Intel’s XE-HPG graphics cards will be shown at CES 2022. This is an event that will take place in Las Vegas early next year, January 5 to 8. The official announcement is sure to take place during a special conference.

Intel’s most powerful chip for Xe-HPG currently remains the DG2 512 EU with 4096 cores, a 256-bit bus and support for up to 16 GB of GDDR6 memory. It is assumed that the chip runs at clock speeds up to 2.2 GHz. Other GPUs for cheaper graphics cards will also appear.