Intel Core i7-1195g7 and Core i5-1155g7 processors for high-performance ultrabooks


During its presentation at Computex 2021, Intel unveiled several new products, but the highlight of the program was the new mobile processors. Blue presented the Core i7-1195g7 and Core i5-1155g7 chips, which belong to the Core 11. generation Tiger Lake Refresh series. Especially interesting is the first of them, as its maximum clock speed reaches up to 5 GHz.

The Intel Core 11. Gen. Tiger Lake-U, shown last year, is officially joined by two new models: the Core i7-1195g7 and Core i5-1155g7. These are low-voltage processors for ultrabooks, featuring high clock speeds and fairly powerful integrated graphics chips. Both offer 4 cores and 8 threads each, and their TDP can be adjusted between 12 and 28 watts.

The Core i7-1195g7 is the new flagship in this family. The chip is supposed to run at a default clock speed of 2.9GHz and accelerated up to 4.6GHz in Turbo for all cores and up to 5GHz in Turbo for a single core. Such a high clocked unit in the low-voltage processor series has never been seen before. In line with the Core i7 model, the Iris XE chip used offers 96 EU. It is worth paying attention to the GPU clock speed, which has been increased to 1.4 GHz. All this leads to performance, which you can check in comparison with the Ryzen 7 5800U.

As for the Core i5-1155g7, the chip is clocked at 2.5GHz, overclocked to 4.3GHz in Boost for all cores and to 4.5GHz for a single core. In this case the iGPU Iris Xe with 80 EU was used, running at 1.35 GHz.