An autonomous cleaning robot cleaned the streets of Helsinki. The tests went very well (video)


The capital of Finland, Helsinki, has decided to use an innovative solution to clean the streets of that city. An autonomous cleaning robot has entered the roads and sidewalks, and the first tests of this device look promising.

The Finnish company Trombia Technologies is responsible for the creation of an autonomous street robot – the Trombia Free model has been tested in a district of Helsinki at different times of the day and night.

The robot can move at a speed of 10 km / h, although during the process of cleaning, this speed is reduced to 6 km / h. Recognition of objects around the device is made by a complex system of multiple cameras, artificial intelligence and sensors LIDAR. Thanks to the latter, the device is also able to work in the rain.

The creators guarantee that its use has many advantages. The robot consumes only 15% of the energy that conventional washing machines use, and also works much quieter, making their work possible even under the cover of night. Trombia Free also consumes much less water, which also affects operating costs.