Microsoft will drop one type of update for Windows 10


Windows 10 currently receives three types of updates through Windows Update. However, the Redmond giant has come to the conclusion that it’s time to drop one of them. Early next year, Windows will not be updated with delta patches. This means that Windows 10 users will already only receive cumulative and express updates.

Microsoft currently offers Windows 10 users three types of updates. These are cumulative updates, which are often issued as part of Patch Tuesday, cumulative updates and delta patches. The Redmond giant plans to do away with these latter.

Microsoft announced on its official blog that it is dropping delta updates for Windows 10. This will happen in February 2019, when the distribution of such patches will be completely suspended. This means that Windows users will only receive the remaining two types of updates.

Perhaps, however, you haven’t thought about what these delta updates are? They are designed to deliver fewer patches to those computers that are not directly connected to Windows Update.

Microsoft claims that regular Windows 10 PC users won’t notice any changes. Administrators will appreciate them.